Release 0.8.1

14th November, 2023

  • Handle pure nextflow process statuses better.

Release 0.8.0

5th September, 2023

  • You can use output_path to specify where the execution contents go.

Release 0.7.1

22nd August, 2023

  • Fixed bug in handling empty param values.

Release 0.7.0

22nd July, 2023

  • An execution report can now be published with the report parameter.

  • A timeline report can now be published with the timeline parameter.

  • A DAG report can now be published with the dag parameter.

Release 0.6.2

21st July, 2023

  • Fixed issue in handling no path for process execution input data.

Release 0.6.1

7th July, 2023

  • Added option to specify timezone to Nextflow.

Release 0.6.0

24th May, 2023

  • Added ability to use custom runners for starting jobs.

  • Removed pipeline class to.

  • Overhauled architecture.

Release 0.5.0

28th October, 2022

  • Little c (-c) is now used instead of big C (-C) for passing config.

  • You can now pass multiple config files during pipeline execution.

Release 0.4.2

26th September, 2022

  • Added bash attribute to process executions.

Release 0.4.1

11th September, 2022

  • Fixed issue in execution polling where previous execution interferes initially.

  • Execution parsing now checks directory is fully ready for parsing.

  • Fixed issue where logs are unparseable in certain locales.

Release 0.4.0

13th July, 2022

  • Process executions now report their input files as paths.

  • Process executions now report all their output files as paths.

  • Executions now have properties for their originating pipeline.

  • Removed schema functionality.

Release 0.3.1

15th June, 2022

  • Process polling now accesses stdout and stderr while process is ongoing.

Release 0.3

4th June, 2022

  • Allow module-level run methods for directly running pipelines.

  • Allow for running pipelines with different Nextflow versions.

  • Improved datetime parsing.

  • Simplified process execution parsing.

  • Fixed concatenation of process executions with no parentheses.

  • Tests now check compatability with different Nextflow versions.

Release 0.2.2

21st March, 2022

  • Log outputs now have ANSI codes removed.

Release 0.2.1

19th February, 2022

  • Execution polling now handles unready execution directory.

  • Better detection of failed process executions mid execution.

Release 0.2

14th February, 2022

  • Added method for running while continuously polling pipeline execution.

  • Optimised process execution object creation from file state.

Release 0.1.4

12th January, 2022

  • Pipeline command generation no longer applies quotes if there are already quotes.

Release 0.1.3

24th November, 2021

  • Fixed Windows file separator issues.

  • Renamed NextflowProcess -> ProcessExecution.

Release 0.1.2

3rd November, 2021

  • Better handling of missing Nextflow executable.

Release 0.1.1

29th October, 2021

  • Renamed nextflow_processes to process_executions.

  • Added quotes around paths to handle spaces in paths.

Release 0.1

18th October, 2021

  • Basic Pipeline object.

  • Basic Execution object.

  • Basic ProcessExecution object.